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Google have been known for their quirky names that they have for their software updates. Some people enjoy them whilst others may find them as rather childish. However, when it comes to applications Google usually has straight forward names that are clear and straight to the point. Such as Google Assistant, although technically not an application it’s a straightforward name that makes it clear for users.

One application that has somehow always been misleading was the “Android Device Manager”. Sounds technical and complex, you would think there would be a lot of functionality included on the application. But it was always just an application to track your phone or other devices if they were lost or stolen.

Well, it seems Google finally saw the light and they decided to change the name. It will now be known as “Find My Device”. A simple name that makes you question why this was never the name, to begin with, however, it’s late than never, right?

The application brings the functionality you would expect from lost device application. You can locate the device on a map as well as lock the device. There is also an option to make the device ring and make noise which may be useful for those times where you can’t remember exactly where you last placed your phone.

Perhaps Google changed the name as they are saving the term “Android Device Manger” for a feature, setting or another application that may release new functionality sometime in the future, perhaps with a software update.

The application can be found and installed from the Google Play Store.

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