Latest iPhone 8 Leaks and Renders Surface

One of the most anticipated devices, if not, the most anticipated device is going to the new iPhone(s) this year. It’s still not clear as to what we are going to get. Will it be called the iPhone 7s, iPhone 8 or get a completely different name to celebrate 10 years of iPhone? There’s still no answers and we can only wait for the device to be released later this year. However, the rumours, and renders are never ending and Engadget has created the latest renders based on the latest leaked information.

Engadget claims to have received information from a very reliable source and “highly detailed CAD file of its chassis” converted to a bunch of sleek renders.

Overall the phone is looking good if this is close to what it will actually look like. However, it seems the vertical dual cameras are going to happen. Whilst dual cameras on smartphones are great unfortunate the vertical positioning is not visually pleasing to the eye. In other words, the back of the phone looks ugly especially compared to previous iPhones. However, if the performance of the camera is good then that’s all that really matters.

There seems to be glass both on the front the back. The bezels have gotten smaller on the front with the screen taking up most of the space on the front. This seems like a realistic guess to make as other smartphones released from LG and Samsung have adopted a similar style. The glass on the back could make way for a long-anticipated feature on the iPhone, which is wireless charging.

The front has changed too as previously stated the bezels have gotten smaller but there seems to also be a new front camera set up. Perhaps some enhancements will also be welcomed to the front of the phone too in addition to the rear. However, the biggest thing in the leaks is the fingerprint scanner that has been embedded into the screen. This would be a great feature and would definitely be much better than having the fingerprint scanner at the back in an awkward position. However, will Apple be ready in time to introduce the technology with the release date approaching? Next year would seem like the time that we could expect this but we can only hope that these renders are close to the official device.

The iPhone 8 is expected to be released sometime in September this year.

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