Microsoft Mocks Apple Once Again In New Ad

It seems Microsoft and Apple are always taking digs at each other; whether it be at product launches or in TV ads. But ever since Microsoft released the Surface, Microsoft have made it a habit of firing shots at Apple for their lack of capability in MacBooks, often focusing on what the Surface can do that the MacBook can’t.

Now, Microsoft are back at it again with their new ad, titled ‘What’s a computer? Just ask Cortana’. This time, they’re targeting the iPad Pro, rather than a MacBook.

The Surface ad comes just after Apple released a new ad for the iPad Pro, advertising it as a fully-fledged computer, entitled ‘iPad Pro – What’s a Computer?’

In the ad, Apple ends with the line; ‘Imagine what your computer could do… if your computer was an iPad Pro’.

Apple’s decision to market the iPad Pro as a computer, or similar to a computer, hasn’t exactly been received in the best way; with many people arguing its just an over-sized iPad with a pen and keyboard. It seems Microsoft agree with this, as we see in their new Surface ad:

The ad features both Cortana and Siri, Microsoft and Apple’s voice assistants, respectively.

The ad shows Cortana asking Siri what the ‘party’ is for, with Siri replying ‘I just got a keyboard… I’m a computer now, like you’. Cortona then proceeds to ask Siri if the iPad Pro has the features the Surface Pro has; such as an Intel Core i7 processor, full Office, a trackpad and external ports – to which Siri replies ‘Like I said, I just got a keyboard’.

The ad is Microsoft’s humorous attempt to try and label the iPad Pro as a tablet, which many people think it is; whilst at the same time, trying to establish the Surface as a fully-fledged computer.

It’s evident that, although the two devices often seem to be classed in the same area, Microsoft disagree with Apple’s claims that the iPad Pro is a computer – or has the capability to replace a computer.

One thing’s for sure, this certainly won’t be Microsoft’s last Apple-bashing advert.

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