Must-Have Tech Gadgets For Uni Students

Here at TechTalk, we know you need to have a big shopping list for when you start or go back to uni, so we’ve compiled a list of the must-have tech gadgets that will enhance your experience at university.

1. USB Mini Fridge

Keep your drinks cool with this handy desktop mini-fridge that’s powered by just a USB. These can be purchased from many places such as IWOOT, Amazon etc.

2. Roku 3


The Roku 3 is another must-have for students. The small media device streams lots of different services so you’re always entertained. The Roku 3 is £99.99 but alternatives can be purchased for cheaper such as the streaming stick which also allows access to BBC iPlayer, Netflix and many more services.

3. Smartphone Battery Case


Smartphone batteries aren’t always reliable, so you’ll probably need a battery case to keep your phone charged. For iPhone, we would recommend the Mojo Refuel battery case, which is affordable and has a removable 2200 mAh (big) battery.

4. Smartphone Projector


Like watching movies and videos on your phone? then you’ll need this.

This lightweight cardboard box will act as a projector for your phone, so you can make more use of your wall; and at £16 it would be silly not to have it.

5. Jawbone UP


This gadget is another must-have. The Jawbone UP monitors your sleep, exercise and other aspects of your life to determine your health, sleeping patterns, and other things. It can help a lot if you’re trying to get a healthy lifestyle which is important.

6. Jawbone Mini Jambox


Finally, the Mini Jambox portable wireless speaker. It’s a small, wireless speaker; you can carry it around anywhere thanks to its size and you can even connect it to a friend’s Jambox for more sound! Essential for when you need some music.


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