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BassBuds BassBoomz

BassBuds BassBoomz



    Build quality




        Sound quality





            • - Looks great
            • - Incredible sound
            • - Rich bass
            • - Bluetooth & AUX
            • - Rechargeable


            • - Not as loud as others
            • - Price

            The BassBuds BassBoomz speaker is a small portable Bluetooth speaker with explosive sound. For it’s size, it definitely packs a punch.newnewboxBassBuds have introduced an incredible speaker which, for its size, is quite astonishing. The BassBoomz speaker is a rechargeable and expandable portable speaker with Bluetooth connectivity. It focuses a lot on quality, not just sound quality (which is great), but also build quality. Check out our review of the speaker below.


            [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#108ad6″ class=”” size=””]The solid aluminium body gives it an incredible look and build quality[/pullquote]Firstly, the BassBoomz speaker looks incredible. The speaker has a solid aluminum body which gives at an incredible look as well as giving it an amazing build quality. The BassBoomz speaker comes in a very large range of colours, including; black, blue, purple, pink, silver, red, green and gold. No matter which colour you get, it will be sure to look great, as they all have the same beautiful aluminium

            The BassBoomz speaker is also rechargeable, which eliminates the hassle of removable batteries. To recharge the speaker, a standard USB charger is used which is the same as that which most Android devices require. BassBuds state that music can be played at 70% volume for 5-6 hours, from testing this, this seems to be true. The battery is quite quick to recharge, needing around 45 minutes for a full charge, and the very useful indicator light on the face of the speaker lets you know when the battery is charged and when it is low.

            The BassBoomz speaker connects to devices via Bluetooth as well as via the AUX input for devices which may not support Bluetooth connectivity. Pairing the device to the device was remarkably easy and quick. Furthermore, on iOS, the Bluetooth speaker connects automatically once paired which is something a lot of Bluetooth speakers aren’t capable of.

            Now, let’s talk about the most important aspect of the speaker, sound.

            Let me be the first to say, I didn’t expect much in terms of sound from this speaker. I have owned several speakers like this in the past, which didn’t really have good sound. But I had a feeling this one was different, which I first believed upon seeing the incredible build quality of the speaker.

            [pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”#108ad6″ class=”” size=”12pt”]Not only is the speaker incredibly loud, the quality is phenomenal [/pullquote] Once I had paired my iPhone to the speaker, I played music, and the sound… was absolutely astonishing. I, and a few others in the office, were in awe of how something in such a small package could produce such amazing sound. Not only is the speaker incredibly loud, the quality is phenomenal which is enhanced further through the Bass Expansion System (BXS).

            The BXS gives your music rich bass when the speaker is opened, however, it can also be used closed. It’s recommended to use the speaker open in order to fully experience the quality the speaker is capable of. When opened, there is a noticeable change in the bass which improves the sound by quite a bit.full

            Overall, the sound quality the BassBoomz speaker is capable of is phenomenal. For such a small speaker, it replicates the quality of a much more expensive and larger speaker, which is great,


            Although the BassBoomz speaker has incredible sound for its size, it’s still limited because of it’s size. The speaker is small which means the loudness and quality of the speaker won’t ever match other larger speakers. Another drawback could be the price. The BassBoomz speaker is one of the more higher priced products in its size range but to be honest, it’s worth it because it’s undoubtedly a premium product.

            Overall, the BassBuds BassBoomz speaker is a well-rounded speaker. The quality of sound and loudness of the speaker is quite astonishing when you realize how small the speaker actually is. It’s quite simply one of the best speakers I’ve come across in its size range. 

            Huge thanks to BassBuds for sending this speaker out for review purposes. You can check them and their other products out here. As always, follow us on Twitter to stay updated with the latest news and reviews.

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