Review: ClamCase Pro for iPad Mini

ClamCase Pro for iPad Mini

ClamCase Pro for iPad Mini












            • - incredible battery life
            • - keyboard is comfortable to use
            • - very versatile
            • - automatically connects to iPad
            • - looks great


            • - attracts dirt easily
            • - 3rd party chargers do not fit

            The ClamCase Pro is a case which turns your iPad Mini into a mini-Macbook. The case includes a polycarbonate shell for the iPad, which is connected to a Bluetooth keyboard via the 360-degree hinge. Combined, this turns your iPad Mini into a mini iOS laptop. I spent a few weeks with the ClamCase Pro for iPad Mini and I thought it was one of the best cases I had ever had for my iPad.


            The ClamCase Pro looks and feels exactly like an Apple product, which means it looks incredible. The case comes in matte white with black accents and an aluminium keyboard which make it look fantastic. The external parts of the case are polycarbonate and are mainly white, with the buttons and the hinge being black. The keyboard part of the case is made from aluminium which is what gives it that high quality Apple feel. The level of quality of this case is something on par with Apple’s standards and pictures really do not do this thing justice. Overall, it’s a very high quality case which looks fantastic with the iPad.Photo 22-06-2015 15 55 18

            With a matte white shell and an aluminium keyboard, the ClamCase Pro looks amazing

            This case is one of the most versatile cases we’ve ever seen. Thanks to ClamCase’s patented 360-degree hinge, the case can be used in different positions. It can be used in laptop mode for typing, touchscreen mode where the keyboard is away, and tablet mode which is where it can be used like a basic tablet. This hinge is truly incredible, the options it gives you through its versatility is something which has never been seen before in a case and it’s one of the things that make this case one of the best cases we’ve ever seen.Photo 22-06-2015 15 54 20

            The main selling point of this case is the keyboard, and rightly so. The keyboard is an excellent keyboard for typing although it is fairly small. But you do get used to typing on the keyboard and once you do, it feels normal. In fact, part of this review was typed up using the keyboard and it was comfortable to use and surprisingly good for such a small keyboard.

            The keyboard itself also needs to be charged and this is through a Micro USB port. Once charged, the battery on the keyboard will last for a long time, very long, thanks to the lithium-ion battery. The battery life of the keyboard is astonishing. I charged it once when I received it and didn’t have to charge it for months even though I was constantly using it.

            The keyboard connects via Bluetooth. This is something which is seen in many keyboards however ClamCase’s keyboard is slightly different. The keyboard connects automatically to the iPad as soon as the Bluetooth is turned on, this means there is no longer any need to go through Bluetooth settings every time you want to connect the keyboard.

            The keyboard is comfortable, functional, stylish and has phenomenal battery life

            Photo 22-06-2015 15 54 41


            Being matte white, I found a drawback to the ClamCase Pro. Although it’s not a major concern, it’s still something which I found particularly annoying. The case attracts dirt, a lot. Whilst being in my bag for a long time, the case almost always got dust and marks on it which isn’t surprising due to its colour. Although it could easily be cleaned, I still found it rather annoying.

            The ClamCase Pro has a polycarbonate shell in which the iPad is placed which means everything is covered by the case; which is good for protection but it’s also not good for 3rd party chargers. I use a 3rd party MFI Belkin charger to charge my iPad because, like many people, I’d had enough of Apple’s chargers. But my Belkin cable, and a lot of other 3rd party MFI cables, couldn’t fit into the port which was cut out of the ClamCase Pro. This meant I had to purchase an Apple charger, specifically for the ClamCase Pro. This isn’t a major drawback as I didn’t really mind having to get another charger, but it is something which should be considered.

            Overall, the ClamCase Pro for iPad Mini is undoubtedly one of the best cases I’ve come across for my iPad Mini. It may be pricey, but the functionality and quality you get from it is worth it in my opinion. I cannot recommend this case enough, especially for students and writers who need a reliable, physical keyboard with their iPad.

            Huge thanks to ClamCase for sending this out for review purposes and you can find more details of them and their other products here.

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