Review: G.U.S Multi-Charging Station

G.U.S Multi-Charging Station

G.U.S Multi-Charging Station



    Build Quality







          • - Looks great
          • - Incredible build quality
          • - Hides wires
          • - Supports up to 5 devices
          • - Many designs to choose from


          • - Could be hard to setup
          • - Cost

          Great Useful Stuff have introduced an interesting solution for people with many devices who are trying to manage their many charger cables.cover

          The G.U.S Multi-Charging Station is what the name suggests, a charging station. It’s a product which enables you to charge multiple devices in an organised manner, without tangled and confusing wires.

          both parts splitThe product comes in two parts, the upper part, which is where devices are placed, and the bottom part, which is essentially a drawer for the wires. Wires are placed in the drawer and fed through the cutouts, the upper part of the product magnetically attaches to the base, leaving the wires easily accessible but not fully visible.


          [pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”#108ad6″ class=”” size=””]The design of the station cannot be faulted one bit[/pullquote]

          The GUS Multi Charging Station looks incredible. The unit we received was the Bamboo style station and it looked phenomenal. The station can be purchased with different materials; for example, you could have the bamboo style, leather, or gloss. Whatever your choice, the G.U.S Charging Station will undoubtedly fit in perfectly. The design of the station cannot be faulted one bit.side

          [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#108ad6″ class=”” size=””]The product is not only given a premium look, but also a premium feel[/pullquote]

          The same goes for the build quality. As mentioned before, we received the Bamboo style charging station and the build quality was perfect. It’s obvious when you first feel the product, that premium materials have been used and subsequently, the product is not only given a premium look, but also a premium feel.

          The main pro of this product is the functionality… what it actually does… it’s purpose. That purpose is to organize your wires and make them more presentable, and it does this very well. The G.U.S Multi Charging Station takes wire management to another level. The bottom ‘drawer’ and the bands within this drawer, allow wires to be held down so only the connectors are visible. The bands also ensure that even in the hidden drawer, wires are not tangled.

          What’s more, there are five cutouts so it can accommodate a lot of your devices, including; smartphone(s), tablets, (small) laptops and pretty much anything else which needs a wire to be charged. We used various devices with this product to see if they ‘fit’. In the end, we managed to get; a smartwatch, an iPhone 6, a Samsung S6, an iPad Mini, AND a Macbook Air in the station… all charging simultaneously with no tangled and ugly wires being shown.
          USBPowerStripGUSTo take the wire management to another level, you can choose to include a USB Power Strip which conveniently fits in the drawer. This means there will only be one wire coming out of the charging station, freeing up your outlets and making your desk look more organised.


          The only gripe I had with the GUS Multi Charging Station was setting it up. If you want to utilize all 5 of the cutouts, it means you’ll have to setup those 5 wires, which can be quite time-consuming. You have to ensure the length of the cable showing is just right and to do so, you have to wrap the wires and put them in the bands. Like I said, if you have 5 different sets of wires, it can get quite complicated when setting up. drawerBut, once you have set it up, it’s smooth sailing from there and it really shows you that its worth it.

          Overall, the GUS Multi Charging Station is a great investment, whether it’s for home or office. If you have a lot of devices which constantly need charging, and you’re constantly dealing with tangled and ugly wires, you need this. 

          Huge thanks to Great Useful Stuff for sending this unit out for review purposes; be sure to check them out here. As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay updated with news and reviews.

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