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Jaybird X2

Jaybird X2



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            • - Brilliant sound quality
            • - Beautiful design
            • - Accessories help to achieve a perfect fit
            • - Long battery life
            • - Sweat-proof


            • - Can take some time to get the right fit

            Jaybird specialises in sport-oriented products. They recently introduced their latest product, the Jaybird X2 earphones – and sent them to us to check out.


            What is it?

            The Jaybird X2 are sport Bluetooth earphones. The X2 earphones are the successors to Jaybird’s previous earphones, the BlueBuds X, which were very popular. While the BlueBuds X were fantastic earphones, there was some room for improvement, and that’s what Jaybird is hoping to achieve with the X2 earphones.

            Build & Design


            Everything about the Jaybird X2 earphones screams quality. From the packaging, to the accessories, and the actual headphones themselves – everything is made to a incredibly high standard. It definitely shows that Jaybird has spared no expense when it comes to these earphones and ensured that the quality and experience matches, or even surpasses, the BlueBuds X.

            “It’s evident that Jaybird wanted the X2’s to be premium earphones – and that’s exactly what they are.”

            The build quality of the X2 earphones is outstanding. Although the actual earphones are made from plastic, they still feel quite solid – and the wire connecting the earphones is also consistent with this, as it is a thick silicone wire. This solid build quality means the X2’s can easily handle general wear and tear from being thrown in a gym bag or just general usage. It’s evident that Jaybird wanted the X2’s to be premium earphones – and that’s exactly what they are.

            The X2 earphones are also sweat-proof which means they’ll be more than able to handle sweat from use at the gym. As sport earphones, it’s a given that they may come into contact with sweat. With other earphones, this could prove to be problematic as sweat could ruin the earphones. However, being sweat-proof, the X2’s can easily handle sweat and there weren’t any problems in this regard.

            The design of the X2’s is very similar to that of the BlueBuds X. The recognisable design of the BlueBuds X was something that made the earphones stand out from the crowd – as well as look great. It’s great to see that Jaybird have simply developed this design rather than changing it all together.

            The X2 earphones have a minimal design with a matte finish, which certainly makes them look and feel beautiful. The range of colours is also fantastic as there are some great-looking colour combinations available. Thanks to the design and finish of the X2 earphones, all of the colours genuinely look beautiful, and you have a lot of choice when it comes to colours. The colours available are: Alpha, Midnight, Fire, Ice, Charge and Storm.



            As we’ve mentioned in previous earphone reviews, fit is very important to get the best possible sound from earphones. With a loose fit, sound quality can decrease and sound performance is generally underwhelming, especially the bass.

            It appears Jaybird has recognised this annoyingly common problem and have put in as much effort as possible to ensure you achieve the the best possible fit when using the earphones – allowing you to truly experience the sound of the X2’s.

            “Jaybird have really outdone themselves to ensure you achieve that perfect fit”

            Jaybird include a variety of accessories with the X2’s – most of which are to get the best possible fit when using the earphones. Jaybird include silicone ear tips in three different sizes as well as three sizes of their Comply foam ear tips. You also get three different sizes of ear fins and clips to shorten the length of the cable. All of these accessories allow you to get the best possible fit and Jaybird have really outdone themselves to ensure you achieve that perfect fit.

            Personally, I used the Comply ear tips with the small fins as I found these gave the best fit. The Comply ear tips are genius as they adapt to the shape of your inner ear to make them stay in place – but they do this without distorting or ruining the sound quality.

            Once you find your perfect combination of accessories, the fit can be perfect. It’s refreshing to have earphones that fit perfectly as this allows you to experience the true sound quality of the earphones as well as stopping them from falling out of your ear when moving a lot.

            X2-Charge-InTheBoxAnother plus in terms of fit is that the way the X2 earphones have been designed, they can be worn in different ways, either over your ear or under your ear. The fins can be adapted for either method and we found this to be a great option to have as depending on where you are and what you’re doing, you may wish to wear them over your or under your ear.

            Overall, Jaybird give you the accessories you need to get the perfect fit and once you get the combination of accessories right, the fit is perfect – it’s a tight, secure fit, which allows you to experience the bass properly and the earphones very rarely fall out, even when at the gym or running.


            Now, let’s talk about the main point of the X2 earphones, sound.

            For such small earphones, we honestly did not expect much… and we were right. The sound was very underwhelming with poor bass and low volume. But then, we individually found our perfect fit. And we were blown away.

            “The sound quality genuinely blew us away”

            The sound quality of the X2’s, once you have found your perfect fit, is absolutely phenomenal. The sound quality genuinely blew us away, and it’s not often we say that about in-ear headphones.

            With the perfect fit, you get incredible bass, clear and crisp vocals, and you can almost hear every individual instrument being played – the clarity of sound is absolutely incredible.

            Often with in-ear headphones, the lows are where they underperform. But with the right fit on the X2’s, you get a tight seal therefore the lows can perform very well. We found the bass to be very ‘boomy’ with even the subtlest of basslines being picked up very well – all without overpowering the main vocals of the song, which often happens with in-ears.

            It’s astounding how Jaybird have managed to pack such great sound quality in such a tiny package. The sound quality of the X2’s even surpassed that of some wired earphones which we really didn’t expect.


            We’ve established that the X2’s have great design and build quality, comfortable fit and phenomenal sound – but how do they perform practically on a day-to-day basis?

            We found using the X2 earphones to be a very pleasant experience. The most important aspect with every pair of wireless earphones is, undoubtedly, battery. It’s all well and good having phenomenal sound but if the battery only lasts a day, it will completely ruin the user experience.

            Thankfully, the X2 earphones boast an 8-hour battery life – which is a lot longer than most other earphones in its range, so of course, we put this to the test. As with every other aspect of the X2’s, we were pleasantly surprised. The X2’s lasted just over 8 hours when we used them and it really does seem like you never have to charge the X2’s which is a refreshing feeling.

            The X2 eaprhones are also rechargeable and a 2.5 hour charge will get you 8 hours of battery life. Charging the X2’s is quick and easy. It may not be apparent at first, but the X2’s actually charge with a microUSB and the port to plug the cable in is well concealed in the casing of one of the earphones.  Also, the LED indicator shows the charging status of the earphones which is a handy feature.

            Another great feature we loved when using the X2’s were the controls. There are three discreet but incredibly useful buttons on the X2’s wire which allow you to perform different functions. The range of functions Jaybird have managed to cram into these three buttons is quite something as there are a huge variety. With the three buttons you can: Play, Pause, Skip, Rewind, End Call, Power On , Power Off and activate Siri.


            Overall, the Jaybird X2 earphones are easily one of the best in-ear sport wireless earphones currently available. With their great design coupled with sturdy build quality and phenomenal sound, they really are almost perfect. The only bad thing we would have to say about the X2’s is the time it takes to achieve the perfect fit using the various accessories. BUT, once you do get that fit, they really are perfect.

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