Review: JustMobile AluCable Duo Mini

JustMobile AluCable Duo Mini

JustMobile AluCable Duo Mini





      Build Quality





          • - Incredible build quality
          • - Looks fantastic
          • - Micro USB + Lightning
          • - Apple-Certified connector
          • - Portable


          • - Too small
          • - Compatibility issues

          Just Mobile specializes in beautifully designed, minimal, aluminium accessories. They recently sent us out the AluCable Duo Mini, something which could possible be the best and last charger cable you will ever need.


          The AluCable Duo Mini is a beautifully-crafted charging cable for iPhones AND Micro-USB devices. The cable comes with an Apple-approved Lightning connector as well as a Micro USB connector. This allows those of you with both types of devices to only need one charger with you. The AluCable Duo ticks all the boxes for us when it comes to a charging cable…


          One of the most obvious pros of the AluCable Duo is the fact that it comes with both a Lightning and Micro-USB adapter. The implementation of the two most-used connectors in the tech world will make a lot of people’s lives easier. Anyone with an Apple device AND an Android device will know the pain of having to carry around two separate cables – but the AluCable Duo solves this (very annoying) problem.


          [pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”#108ad6″ class=”” size=””]”the AluCable Duo Mini genuinely has the best build quality we have ever seen in a charger cable”[/pullquote]

          Another one of the main pros of this product is something which is quite rare to find in many accessories today… incredible build quality. The AluCable Duo Mini genuinely has the best build quality we have ever seen in a charger cable. It has aluminium heads as well as a relatively thick, rubber wire which will undoubtedly prevent the fraying and general damage in cables that we’re all so used to.

          The AluCable Duo Mini’s short length also comes in handy for many different scenarios. Using battery packs and syncing to laptops are just a few places where the cable really shines. It also frees up a lot of desk space by reducing the amount of unnecessary cable length in situations where it’s just not needed. It comes with the added convenience of not being easily tangled in a  bag which something like the normal length cables often have a habit of doing.

          Furthermore, the connectivity between the cable and the phone is another strong point. With the AluCbale Duo Mini you have confidence in the connecting and disconnecting process as it’s fairly obvious that the cable won’t bend or break when removing it. It’s also worth pointing out that the connections are really tight – we found it impossible to get the cable to fall out on it’s own accord, which wasn’t the case for the other cables we tested it with.

          [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#108ad6″ class=”” size=””]”JustMobile aren’t in the business of making boring accessories”[/pullquote]

          JustMobile aren’t in the business of making boring accessories; almost all of their accessories are made from aluminum. The result? A smart, sophisticated look which is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. So, not only is the build quality phenomenal, but it also looks beautiful at the same time. In addition to this, the AluCable Mini’s small form factor makes it perfect for keeping the cable in your pocket when travelling so you can always charge on the go.


          dc-159_2But there a few small drawbacks of this otherwise perfect cable. The first is it’s length. Although it is the Mini version, and you’d expect it to be short, it’s almost too short. For example, on many occasions, when using the cable with a charging adapter (which isn’t it’s main purpose), the phone just ‘dangles’ in mid-air. Also, when using the cable with battery packs or laptops, it’s incredibly awkward to try and hold the phone and use it if you need to.

          Another possible drawback of this cable is the connectors. The Lightning-connector end of the cable is rather wide and thick, which could possibly cause compatibility issues with some cases. However, this generally depends on the type of case.


          The AluCable Duo Mini is certainly a contender for the best charger cable out there right now. However, it isn’t perfect, mainly because of its length and this restricts it from being used 24/7 as there are times where longer cables are needed. However, JustMobile does have longer variations available. But, this cable, for times where a long cable just isn’t necessary, is the perfect companion for your devices.


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