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JustMobile HoverDock

JustMobile HoverDock



    Build Quality









            • - Unique design
            • - Great build quality
            • - Easy to set up
            • - Cable management
            • - Case compatible


            • - Nothing to support device when docked
            • - No one-handed use
            • - Relatively expensive

            JustMobile specialises in premium aluminium accessories for Apple devices.  Recently, they’ve introduced two docks; one for iPhone and one for Apple Watch. They recently sent us out the HoverDock for iPhone for us to check out.

            Build & Design

            hdMost, if not all, of JustMobile’s products consist largely of aluminium. This is due to their aim to create seamless and minimal products which can fit in in almost any environment – and they have taken the same approach with the HoverDock.

            [pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”#108ad6″ class=”” size=””]”a unique, seamless and minimal design that looks beautiful”[/pullquote]

            The HoverDock has a unique doughnut design which helps it to stand out from an overcrowded market of docks. The bulk of the dock is aluminium and it genuinely does look beautiful. The shape of the dock combined with the aluminium gives the dock a seamless and clean look.

            In terms of build quality, JustMobile have impressed us a lot in the past. With the HoverDock, they have done it again. The materials used make the dock feel very premium. It’s one of the first thoughts that popped into my head when first using the HoverDock.iphonedocked

            The aluminium alone contributes heavily to the excellent build quality of the dock but the top section also contributes to the quality of the dock. The top section of the HoverDock is a soft-touch material that feels very nice whilst, at the same time, giving the dock a beautiful two-tone design.

            Overall, the HoverDock has a unique, seamless and minimal design that looks beautiful as well as great build quality. The design works very well with any iPhone so when the device is docked, the two compliment each other and look great.


            With something as simple as a dock, we don’t expect much functionality. However, the HoverDock does have some features that are incredibly useful and helpful.

            We mentioned previously that the HoverDock has a unique doughnut design and this isn’t just to make it aesthetically pleasing, it also brings added functionality. At the bottom of the HoverDock, there is a removable plastic base which reveals the cable management side of things.cablemanagement

            JustMobile have included a spool within the HoverDock that you can use to wrap your Lightning cable around to prevent excess cable being shown. This is a really handy feature because with a clean and seamless dock, it’s only right that the cable management be on par to enhance the experience of using the dock.

            With the HoverDock, JustMobile provides a small clip in the box. This clip, described as the ‘elevator clip’, is supposed to be attached to the Lightning cable and placed into the dock. The purpose of this small clip is to enable devices with cases to use the dock – which brings us to another great point of the HoverDock… case compatibility. We tried the HoverDock in its ‘case-friendly’ mode and just normally and in both cases, there were no compatibility issues.

            Actually using the dock is a very pleasant experience. Once your phone is docked, it looks great. The Lightning connector can just about be seen when not using the clip so it almost looks as if the iPhone is hovering, hence the name. How the product looks when the phone is actually docked on it really impressed us as it looked very minimal and clean, which meant it looked great on desks without taking up too much space.hd2

            Although the HoverDock is great in terms of functionality, there are a few drawbacks of it in this particular area. One of our main concerns was the fact there was nothing behind the device when docked to support it. This made us rather uneasy about using the dock as we constantly worried about it falling. Also, we found that the dock cannot be used one-handed. Due to it’s lightness, the HoverDock lifts with the device when you try to undock it, so it’s necessary to hold the dock down as you undock your device.

            Overall, however, the HoverDock does have some very useful features which overshadow the drawbacks of it. Features such as the cable management and the elevator clip substantially improve the user experience and are a huge part of what makes the HoverDock great.


            In conclusion, the HoverDock is a fantastic dock. It has a unique and beautiful design which allows it to look great with iDevices; as well as great build quality and incredibly useful features. The main downside would have to be the lack of support for the device. Nevertheless, the HoverDock is a great all-round dock for your iDevice, and we would definitely recommend it.

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