Review: MicFlip Reversible Micro USB Cable

MicFlip MicroUSB Cable

MicFlip MicroUSB Cable



    Build Quality









            • - Fully reversible
            • - Tangle-free braided cable
            • - Durable
            • - Premium build quality
            • - Looks great


            • - Not as cheap compared to basic cables

            The worlds best microUSB cable?

             It seems like it’s been forever that Apple users have been enjoying the luxury of having a reversible charger while Android and Windows users have been stuck with a microUSB cable that only fits in one way. Although newer devices that have been released recently have implemented USB Type-C to allow for a reversible cables; older devices still have the same non-reversible microUSB cables.

            However, a company by the name of WinnerGear hopes to fix this problem, with it’s new product, MicFlip. 

            The MicFlip cable is a reversible microUSB cable that looks like your standard microUSB cable, but allows you to charge your phone no matter which way you put the cable into the port.

            [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#108ad6″ class=”” size=””]”MicFlip can withstand whatever you throw at it due to it’s very premium build quality”[/pullquote]The MicFlip cable allows you to plug in any way and is a truly reversible cable that is compatible with all Android devices that have a microUSB port. It’s also braided, making it very durable – which seems to solve another issue that people have. All too often, chargers can  stop working when they’ve been bent or curled up but the MicFlip can withstand whatever you throw at it due to it’s very premium build quality.

            It is also 2 meters long which is an added bonus as extra long cables are always handy when you want to plug in your device but use it at the same time but you may be some distance away from the power sockets. However, it also comes in a variation that is the standard 1 meter length for anybody who wishes to have a shorter cable for on the go.

             The cable has a gold plated connector that is symmetrical, which is what allows you to insert the cable in any way. This saves time and more importantly, it is one less thing to worry about when charging, as it’s much easier to stick in a cable in any orientation without having to worry about whether you are inserting it the right way.

            [pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”#108ad6″ class=”” size=””]”one of the best microUSB cables to ever be made”[/pullquote]So, you may at this point be thinking that not all can be great and their must be a downside. But you’d be wrong! We seriously cannot fault anything with this cable. It’s reversible which solves the biggest problem of Android chargers, it’s extra long, which is an added bonus that is incredibly convenient, and its premium build quality makes it durable so it should last for a long time. To top it all off, you would expect it to be very pricey, but it’s rather cheap for everything that you are getting.


            We truly believe this is one of the best microUSB cables to ever be made. It seems like a more than appropriate replacement for all standard microUSB cables that come in the box for devices. This seriously is a must-buy product that we wholeheartedly recommend to anyone that is tired of the standard micro USB cables.

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