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Sensu Brush

Sensu Brush





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          • - Looks beautiful
          • - Allows for more precision
          • - Stylus & brush in one
          • - Small form
          • - Can be used on almost any touch device


          • - No palm rejection
          • - No Bluetooth connectivity

          Touch screens have come a long way over the years. They have improved massively compared to earlier generations. Now, you can use your fingers to type, tap, navigate, draw and everything in-between. However, as long as we use our fingers, one thing will not be achievable… precision. That’s where styluses come in. Styluses give you more precision and control by utilizing a thinner nib. This type of precision simply cannot be achieved using your finger.


          [pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#108ad6″ class=”” size=””]”Possibly the most functional stylus ever”[/pullquote]

          Sensu is an American company who specialize in styluses. They recently sent us the Sensu Brush, a stylus which may possibly be the most functional stylus ever.

          The purpose of a stylus is to replicate the experience of using a pen or a pencil, but on a screen. Despite all styluses fundamentally doing this in some way, styluses can come in a variety of different sizes and designs; which is unusual considering they mostly all have the same functionality. However, some styluses are substantially more advanced than others – the Sensu Brush is definitely the latter.


          The Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus, as the name suggests, is both a brush and a stylus.

          [pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”#108ad6″ class=”” size=””]”The Sensu Brush’s stylus is just perfect”[/pullquote]

          On one side of the accessory there is a stylus. The stylus end comes with a round rubber tip. This is the section of the stylus that will touch the screen when you use it. Although a lot of styluses have a similar-looking  rubber tip, the experience of using a stylus can vary massively. Some are too soft and not responsive enough, other rubber tips on a stylus can have too much grip which makes long gestures on a screen difficult and uncomfortable. However, the Sensu Brush’s stylus is just perfect.chromecap

          The stylus part of this accessory is not too soft that it will run all over the screen with the gentlest stroke but also not so hard that is difficult to use. Not only does the rubber tip improve the overall experience of using the stylus when doing simple tasks like changing tabs or swiping but it is especially useful when it comes down to drawing. Even with a large round tip, the stylus end of this accessory is rather good for drawing. Although you wouldn’t exactly get the most precision from it, it performs very well for filling colour and performing larger strokes on drawings.

          It’s no surprise that this stylus is comfortable to use when drawing. It’s been designed with the intention of using it to draw from the start and this is obvious in many ways. The stylus itself is sleek and has a good weight to it; making it tremendously comfortable to hold and use when drawing. But most importantly, the aspect of the pen that shows it was designed for drawing, is the brush at the end of the stylus.

          The brush is like an ordinary paint brush. However, the gestures and movement of the brush on the screen are recognised. This essentially makes it feel like your painting which was what Sensu wanted to achieve. Using the brush is a very pleasant experience and there’s just something incredibly fluid about using the brush.

          When on drawing apps, the stylus makes it exceptionally easier to shade in and colour large and small areas as well as doing more precise drawing such as drawing outlines. Although the primary purpose of the brush is for drawing, you are not limited to using the stylus for drawing and painting apps. It can also be used to scroll on web pages and many other things that you would expect to be able to do with a normal stylus – but a lot smoother.



          [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#108ad6″ class=”” size=””]”the design of the accessory itself is a work of art”[/pullquote]

          The Sensu Brush & Stylus comes in either Chrome or Black. The Chrome version we used looked beautiful. There is a seamless design all around the pen and Sensu have ingeniously designed how you can change between the brush and the stylus. A protective cap can be used to switch between the stylus and brush as well as make the stylus longer which is better ergonomically. When not in use, the protective cap can be put on to shorten the length of the Stylus to make it more portable. All in all, the design of the accessory itself is a work of art.


          We really enjoyed using the Sensu Brush & Stylus. It was easy to use and comfortable to hold. The brush is especially unique, making it stand out from many other styluses, as well as being exceptionally satisfying to use. Also, not having to connect the Sensu Brush via Bluetooth may cause the stylus to lose out on some features, but honestly, we feel it’s much better being able to pick up a stylus and use it straight away without having to connect it first. The only possible drawback would be the lack of palm rejection which could make this product the perfect companion from digital artists.

          So overall, if you’re a budding artist, or just draw on your device as a hobby, we cannot recommend the Sensu Brush & Stylus enough. The stylus is also relatively cheap compared to others in it’s range. It’s a shame that it doesn’t include palm rejection which is what a lot of the pricier styluses include. But nevertheless it is still an incredible stylus.

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