Review: Une Bobine for iPhone (Lightning)

Une Bobine

Une Bobine










          • - acts as a dock and a cable
          • - very versatile
          • - MFi approved
          • - support for device in dock
          • - relatively cheap


          • - case compatibility
          • - no access to headphones

          The Une Bobine is quite possibly the world’s most flexible Lightning cable from the company, Fuse Chicken.unplug

          The Une Bobine is essentially a Lightning cable for iPhones which support the 8-pin Lightning connector. But, at the same time, it’s more than that. In addition to being a charge and sync cable for iPhones, the Bobine is also a dock. The Bobine can be bent and twisted to allow it to stand freely as a dock; it’s impressive flexibility means it can also be used as a tripod or a stand for your iPhone.


          Firstly, the Bobine looks great. At first glance, you may think the shiny coil silver looks too ‘industrial’ to be on a charger cable, but for some reason, it just works. The silver with the black casing for the connectors make the cable look really good in any environment. mb

          The Une Bobine is made from military-grade, nickel-plated steel and the connectors are directly fused onto the metal; all of this ensures the cable doesn’t get damaged as most Apple cables do. The materials used to make this charger allow it to be very durable therefore it can withstand day-to-day damage which a normal cable may not be able to handle as well as other damage which may occur.

          The Une Bobine is incredibly versatile, not just physically, but also in its uses. For example, you could use it whilst you’re on your laptop as a clock, to watch videos, monitor Twitter and hundreds of other things. But you could also use it in your car, to raise your phone to eye-level for GPS navigation; OR you can use it as a tripod for taking stable pictures. Honestly, the possibilities and uses of this thing are endless and limited only by your

          The Une Bobine doesn’t just focus on being flexible, it also has features to make it stable. As I mentioned before, the coil itself is made from military-grade, nickel-plated steel. This means you can keep your phone stable in whatever shape the cable is in. But on top of that, more importantly, there is support for the phone behind the Lightning connector. Although it is a small feature, it really does contribute to keeping your phone secure and stable, making this dock a lot better.7iQuJEij6iarZHprcs6xRY5nTAT5PyrnsRJ61rEK43Y


          Although the Une Bobine has many pros and good things about it, unfortunately, there are also some negatives.

          Firstly, if your iPhone is in a case, it won’t fit into this particular dock. I had the original Apple iPhone 5S leather case and it still didn’t fit with this cable. For me, it wasn’t a big drawback as I preferred using my iPhone without a case. But if you do use a case, you may need to consider removing it when using this or just not using this at all.

          The second and final ‘gripe’ I had with this cable was there is no access to the headphone port! When using the dock to watch videos whilst working on my laptop, I wanted to plug in my headphones; only to discover that the port was covered by the docking part of the cable. This is something that wasn’t a major negative for me, but I would definitely be happy to see it be improved.

          These cons are understandable when you think about what the Une Bobine is… a dock. The fact that there is no access to the headphone port or that some cases are not compatible are a given as the Bobine is essentially a dock. Fuse Chicken explained that due to MFI requirements of the size and width of the Lightning connector base, they were unable to make the headphone port accessible; like every other dock on the market.

          Overall, the Une Bobine is a multi-purpose, good-looking, versatile and durable cable/dock/stand/tripod which is incredibly useful. 

          Huge thanks to Fuse Chicken for sending out the Bobine for review, you can check out FUSE Chicken and their other products here!

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