Review: Avantree Lightning Keychain

Avantree Lightning Keychain

Avantree Lightning Keychain



    Build Quality









            • - Compatible with many cases
            • - MFi-certified
            • - Small form factor
            • - Can be attached to keys


            • - Plastic makes it feel cheap
            • - Doesn't look very appealing
            • - Build quality is poor

            We’ve all been in a scenario where our iPhone needs a charge – but we don’t have any cables to charge them with. But, Avantree hopes to resolve this frustrating situation. They recently sent us their Lightning Keychain to check out; the keychain contains a Lightning connector and USB cable all within a small form factor that you can carry around with you on your keys for when you need a charge. 1

            We liked…

            This keychain can charge your iOS device and supports a range of devices such as the iPhone 6s, 6 (including Plus models), 5s & iPhone 5. Also, you have the option to use it with iPads and iPods that also have a Lightning port. It’s also worth mentioning that it is MFi-certified; so there shouldn’t be any problems using it with your Apple device.

            The small accessory has a wide range of functionality, which is impressive, considering its size. It contains the ability to transfer data when your phone is connected to a Mac or PC as well as fast charging, so you can quickly charge your devices to use them as quickly as  possible. It is also very durable so it can withstand general wear and tear from being on your keys or in your bag.3_8_12

            The Lightning and USB connections are contained within the keychain part that closes up, so they are not exposed. It comes in a plastic body that is more than able to cope with a couple of drops here and there without being damaged beyond repair.

            Another feature we loved about the Avantree Keychain was that it can work with most cases. The Lightning connector isn’t deeply embedded in the body of the Keychain but is actually elevated – this enables it to work with many different cases. Of course, it depends on your individual case, but we didn’t have any problems using it with cases.closed

            We didn’t like…

            We mentioned previously that the Avantree Keychain has a plastic body. Although this offers good protection for the connectors and overall product – it does feel slightly cheap and doesn’t make it feel like a very durable product, even though it is. Speaking of the body, it certainly doesn’t look as appealing as we would have liked – which also drags down the overall experience of using the product.


            Overall, the Avantree Keychain is a great product. Although it might not be the most attractive accessory out there; it’s practical, can withstand drops and general wear and tear and it has an MFi-certified Lightning connector which has great case compatibility. We can certainly recommend the Avantree Lightning Keychain – but for people who are more design-focussed, this may not be for you. 

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