Samsung Galaxy Note 6/7 Rumours

aaSamsung has found success recently with the Galaxy S7. It seems to have made quite an impact on the smartphone market. Being praised for its design, performance and camera, it is arguably one of the best smartphones of 2016. And with the bar being set so high we can’t wait for what Samsung will give us with the refresh of the Galaxy Note line-up.

The Galaxy Note 5 was an impressive device, it showcased Samsung new glass design for the first ever time in the Note series which turned a lot of heads. However, it was only available for select markets but it seems that is about to change this time round, with Samsung bringing the device back to markets such as the UK which did not receive the Galaxy Note 5.

However, this time round Samsung may plan on doing something different. Reports are suggesting that instead of releasing the new Note smartphone as the “Galaxy Note 6”, Samsung may skip and go instead for the Galaxy Note 7.

 This raises a few questions as the decision to skip a number in the line up is a rather odd one. It may just be a change Samsung wants to implement to keep their smartphone line-up unified. Because earlier on in the year, as mentioned, Samsung released the Galaxy “S7” it would make sense for the Note line up to also release a device with the number “7” too. 

Another theory could be that the new Note smartphone could bring such innovative features that the jump in number could reflect drastic changes coming with the new Galaxy Note.

Release date

Previously the Note series has always been unveiled at IFA Berlin (September), however it seems that Samsung may be planning on releasing the phone earlier than usual. Reports have suggested that Samsung want to release the phone earlier so that there is less competition for when the iPhone and the iPhone Plus is unveiled which are also released around September. Renowned ‘leaker’ Evan Blass, suggested that we could be seeing the new Note some time in August but other leaks are speculating that Samsung could be planning an event for mid-July. These are currently just rumours as Samsung is yet to confirm the release date and announce any events during these time periods, so we guess well just have to wait and see. Previous Note series smartphones were released on the following dates:

  • Galaxy Note 5 – released August 21st
  • Galaxy Note 4 – released August 13th
  • Galaxy Note 3 – released September 4th


Previous iterations of the Note have had some incredible features, and it seems Samsung is looking to carry on this trend with the new Note, if the rumours are anything to go by. There have been numerous rumours of a 4K display making a debut on the phone. However, this seems unlikely as other leaks from China have suggested a 2K (QHD) display which seems to be more realistic as it appeared on the Galaxy S7. Having said that, the Galaxy Note series does tend to improve on the specs of the Galaxy series so maybe we will see a 4K display.  The device is also rumoured to be powered with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 823 processor with Adreno 530 GPU.

However, the biggest news regarding specs is that it is rumoured the device will ship with a massive 6GB of RAM, which would be immensely impressive if what we hear is true. Specs also suggest that there will be an option for the phone to come with a total of 256GB of storage which again is very impressive and is likely if Samsung continues to let users to have the option of an SD card.

A beefy 4,200mAh battery is also expected and the device is said to also be IP68 certified water-resistant too. And the phone is expected to be rolled out with Android’s latest software Android N, which is yet to be given a name.

 So, as you can see there is a lot to look forward to; it’s just a matter of time before the phone is released which is hopefully some time in the near future.

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