Samsung sells over 5 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has sold over 5 million units of the Galaxy S8 since its launch. This is exciting news for the company and it seems that the bad news from the Note 7 situation  hasn’t affected the company as much as it could of. Of course, there are still many people out there that are probably a little skeptical about purchasing a Samsung smartphone but it seems that the company has done well so far. Will they be able to keep this success going for the rest of the year?

The company had shipped over 4.3 million units before the Note 7 issues hit the press and reports of the devices catching fire and explosions came to light. However, it is still not as impressive as the Galaxy S4 sales figure, which reached 6 million just 15 days after the release. However, the current figures for the S8 still look promising.

Samsung seems to be feeling positive and optimistic of the S8 as it is reported that the company has told suppliers to supply them with enough to create 60 million units. Only time will tell if they will be able to sell all the units they are predicting to sell for the rest of this year. Samsung is also feeling ambitious about selling its mid-range smartphone, the Galaxy J. The company is reportedly expecting to sell 100 million units of the mid-range device, which, again, is a very ambitious number. However, with the growing smartphone markets in places like India and other countries, perhaps the company has a plan to heavily promote the Galaxy J in select markets.

The Galaxy S8 faces competition from LG, who have recently released their latest flagship. Also, consumers are anticipating the next Galaxy Note smartphone as well as the new iPhone that will be launching later this year. Samsung impressed us with the specs and the screen of the S8; they also put a lot of confidence in their Bixby service, but will this be enough to help them achieve their goal?

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